Our Start.

This blog is simply here to give you one more reason to love breakfast food. The idea for Vowhouse snuck up and tapped us on the shoulders early one Saturday. It was one of those magical mornings when all of the stars aligned to bring us to our cinematographer, Austin's, house. Coffee was flowing, family and friends were in and out of the kitchen, Frank Sinatra soothed us in the background, eggs were broken and bacon fried, the perfect scenario to conceptualize a company.

Together, we have decades of experience in the creative and production worlds. As freelance videographers, photographers, creative directors, studio artists, writers and composers, we adored our work but found ourselves very tired of working alone, as is often the case in the world of the freelancer. Our collective hunger to work on projects alongside people is what drove us to dive into the unknown world of starting....something.

That something would soon be Vowhouse Studios, a cultivated place where incredibly talented individuals can come together and work alongside each other. What a dream! Also, we happened to be at that age where everyone around us was getting engaged or married, and I say this with the utmost joy. Weekly dances and dinners and parties celebrating love are our bread and butter... well, alongside actual bread and butter. So, after that Saturday we decided to meet and see if this idea could become our reality. And we never stopped meeting after that.

We quickly realized that the only thing more daunting than starting a company was starting a company with your friends. Almost all of our earlier meetings came back to this question, are we insane? And we found the answer to be mostly no, with a little bit of yes. Changing the course of your life and routine will always be a risk, no matter who you're risking it with. And I'd rather be taking risks alongside the people I know, who know me, than anyone else.

There is no greater honor than being invited into the most precious moments of peoples lives. Our work constantly reminds us to be grateful. To notice people more sincerely than just through a lens. To look for the love. To laugh at nervous feelings, and to risk.

We are thrilled that you're in this with us.

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